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About The Value Gap…

As a joint effort by myself (Bryon Van Pelt), Aditya Oza (AD), and Adil Amarsi, we’ve come together to give you the missing piece of your coaching puzzle.

Many, if not all, our clients came to us heavily undercharging for their services as coaches.

We realized we couldn’t help everyone one-on-one even though there are 3 of us…

So we decided to write this white paper that goes into depth around how to close the value gap and cross the chasm of successful client acquisition…

Who are Byron, AD, and Adil?

Hi, My name’s Byron Van Pelt, and as one of the founders of The Principled Marketer, I’m here to let you know all 3 of us have your best interest at heart.

How could we when we don’t know you?

Quite simply… We’re pissed off with the coaching industry.

We’re all coaches in our own perspective areas.

I help business owners get out of their own way… All while helping coaches grow their practice and get paid what they’re worth.

AD is an incredible business professional.

The man knows more about how to create income, grow your wealth, scale your practice, and not only that… He also coaches high-end businesses on how they can leverage their income so they can keep more of it.

And finally, Adil is a genius when it comes to putting together your coaching offer and positioning it.

Especially with positioning your story, offer, and how to use copywriting as a way to influence your audience and build your brand.


It’s because of this, we’ve teamed up to bring you this white paper.

In hopes to end your suffering and bring about a time where you can be paid what you’re worth, help the clients you want to help, and ultimately find happiness and fulfilment in your role as a coach.


Together we came together to help you get out of your own way, and understand how to master the art of “Client Fishing”.

Unlike teaching you how to fish… Which is what most coaches are taught and then left to their own devices.

What we’re going to show you is how to attract, feed, and catch the right types of clients that can afford you, will pay top-dollar for your help and services, and most importantly – value your time.

This is the whole reason this white paper was written.

So download it for free today.

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All without having to work for someone else in hopes you can break out and be paid what you’re worth.

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Chapter 1

Defining the Gap

Many beginner and/or intermediate coaches still struggle with client acquisitions in one or multiple following ways:

  • Unsure of the right steps to attract clients 
  • Inundated daily from messages of “so-called experts” with a variety of magical systems “guaranteed” for fast, easy client acquisition. 
  • Frustrated with the inability to find or attract their desired clients.
  • Unsure of their own value which may be a hidden version of Imposter Syndrome: the fear of their expertise will be challenged or exposed as fake by their clients.
  • Can’t justify their prices.
  • Unable to generate predictive and sustainable income through coaching.
  • Can’t figure out how to grab their ideal audience’s attention for whom the coach has a burning desire to share and serve them.
  • Having little confidence in their messaging accurately portraying the value they offer to their clients.

These problems are all pointing to the same systemic issue at the heart of client acquisition is what we call the Value Gap.

The Value Gap is the gap between the value that a coach delivers to their clientele and what the clientele is actually willing to pay the coach in return…

Power Packed Pages

Every page of The Value Gap is streamlined to cut out the bad fat and leave you nothing but applicable information that will help your coaching business grow.

This is just a taste of what you’ll uncover inside The Value Gap White Paper…


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